BearHug is focussed on the hiring and candidate experience domain building products to make the process more efficient for all the parties involved. BearHug provides a platform for companies to trade their 'almost-hired' candidates with another company's so everyone finds the best match.

Project overview

Working closely with the founders, I was responsible for turning the early ideas into MVPs that were shipped and impacted thousands of candidates. The core problems solved were candidate experience while hiring, and reducing efforts on the talent team for repeatable tasks. We ran pilots with multiple companies and refined our products before monetising it and reaching upto $1000MRR.


Make sure the candidates feel welcome and are informed at every stage of their interview process

Save recruiters' time by building tools for repeatable tasks

Projects delivered

Candidate packs

Pack builder

Landing pages x 2



Unique candidate pages created


Companies / Clients




From the founder

"Prem's ability to take my often very abstract thoughts and turn them into high-quality meaningful designs within a short cycle of iterations was very impressive. Prem is thoughtful, curious and asks the right questions to get a good sense of the business perspective before starting design work, which I believe to be super important. Can't wait to work together again!"

Udit Garkary,
Co-founder BearHug, Ex BCG


"As a founder, I love knowing that all my candidates will get a meaningful candidate experience, as if I was personally overseeing it, without actually having to do anything" 

Co-founder, LimeChat

"We're all seeing the benefits of increased conversion and higher quality candidates join us"

Head of Talent, Affinity

"I love the idea of creating a personalized page for each applicant. To make applicants feel valued. Even if i end up not getting this position, I'd apply for other ones at Cobblestone Energy for sure just for this nice gesture"


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