Exterro Inc.

Exterro’s Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions enable any organization to address their privacy, compliance, investigation and litigation risks more effectively and at lower costs.


Although it was my first job out of college, I was fortunate to own design for two data heavy flagship products of Exterro. Exterro acquired Jordan Lawrence, an information security and record management service, in 2019 and I was responsible for designing the product that integrates all services. I got to go through two thorough shipping cycles and witnessed sales and onboarding cycles with various clients. The entire suite has 34 unique products a with lot of interconnected parts.

Got to work on building scalable, accessible (501 compliance), and data heavy products which had instant adoption owing to the nature of the legal-tech market and Exterro's extensive client base.


Visa, Allstate, Doordash, PwC, Michelin, HSBC, Oracle, and 70 more


Make the UX simple and intuitive for the 45+y.o. target group

Integrate new products seamlessly with the existing 30+ products

Automate repeatable tasks in data breach situations where time is critical


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