Openhouse Learning

Designed to be complementary to schools, the Openhouse learning hub is a holistic afterschool learning space for children aged 4 to 18 years with classes on academic and extra curricular topics of interest, located in the comfort of their neighborhood.

Project overview


When Openhouse made the transition from physical centers to online classes during Covid-19, I was the first designer hired to design the students' experience of all the Openhouse offerings. The design team expanded to 5 members by the time I had left.

I got to work on and ship 3 major projects during my time.

Projects shipped

Group Study

Student Lobby experience

Openhouse official website

Clubs onboarding experience


Translate the experience of physical centers to the online classes through UX

Make the online experience more social through designed interactions

Let students know how much they can explore at Openhouse

Make students feel like a part of a community by adding more identity at every opportunity

Empower teachers with simple tech to navigate through their new online journey



Students using the platform


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